School Security and Safety Advocacy (Public website & newsletter)


The Need: 

Millions of serious incidents occur at our children’s schools every year. However, most of us are only aware of the few incidents that make national headlines. Without an accurate understanding of the size and severity of past and current problems, parents and lawmakers cannot know what protections are needed. Additionally, information regarding school incidents and school security and safety legislation is fragmented and disparate. The lack of a centralized information source makes it hard for parents to know what if any school security and safety protections exist in current and pending legislation.

Project Description: 

School Dangers plans to build a world class website that provides public access to databases of K-12 school incidents, legislation, and mitigation strategies. We plan to use blog articles, social media, and newsletters to summarize what is happening and to highlight lessons learned. With the help of volunteers, we have started development in house and have identified funding and resources needed to complete development.