Our Mission:

School Dangers' mission is to improve school safety nationwide through advocacy, education, and application of technology. 


Problems We Can Fix:

  • Millions of incidents occur at our children's schools every year. However, most of us are only aware of the few that make national headlines. 
  • Every state approaches school security differently. There is a nationwide lack of consistency and direction regarding school security legislation. 
  • While school security planning and training do exist, they are disparate and of mixed quality. There is no nationally recognized school security certification. 


Our Programs:


Advocacy Website and Newsletter

Our website and newsletters provide public access to ever growing databases of incidents, legislation, and mitigation strategies. We use blog articles, social media, and newsletters to summarize what is happening and to highlight lessons learned. Learn more.


State Law Report Card & Legislative Research

Our research team maintains a public access compendium of school security legislation. Throughout the year, we analyze hundreds of statutes and bills and publish a State Law Report Card and other reports based on comprehensive criteria. Learn more.


State Security Training & Certification

We have developed an informative series of courses with certifications that are in high demand across the industry. These cutting-edge courses are supported by the marketing team and user base of SecurityCEU, the leader in continuing education and certification training. Learn more.